All of us are unique in nature and have a different history. Some people have a horrific history whiles the history of others are terrific. History is important and helps to predict the future. History is in diverse ways, it could be your background (family, education/ life), your experiences, your environment etc. In the midst of all these, today’s discussion will focus on the family background.

There are many things an individual is at liberty to choose. Family, however, is an exception to our freedom of choice. You can’t choose your biological parents and their background. Nonetheless, you are at liberty to choose the kind of background you want for your children. Oftentimes, people get stuck and defined by their background. They allow their background to limit them and this causes them to lose sight of their real identity.

The truth of the matter is that you are not your background rather you’re your “In-ground”. In-ground is my coined term of defining that which resides in you (your potential, abilities, and purpose). Within every individual is a “soil” which has seeds of greatness. Your true definition is those seeds of greatness, not your background. You are more than any given situation you’ve faced, are facing or will face. Don’t let someone’s opinion of you be your reality – you are not what people or your family say you’re. You are who God says you’re, you’re the hidden seeds in you. Within you is greatness. Yes! I’m referring to you. You carry what it takes to do the unprecedented in your family. You are a victorious person. Cast your mind back, you will realize that not many in your family have had the opportunity you’re having now. You can make the difference. I wish I can see you, eyeball to eyeball and emphatically tell you this: You can make the difference. Oh yes! I don’t know the situation you’re facing neither do I know the exact seeds of greatness that you carry but this I know; within your In-ground are seeds of greatness.

In the Bible, Jephthah, the Gileadite, was given birth by a harlot. When he grew up, his stepmother and her children sacked him because of his background. Meanwhile, the in-ground of Jephthah contained seeds of a mighty warrior. Did Jephthah allow his background and rejection to stop him from cultivating his in-ground? Well, scripture is silent on that but one thing that it reveals is that when the people of Ammon made war against Israel, the elders of Gilead went looking for Jephthah (Judges 11:4 – 6). This unveils the fact that he really cultivated his in-ground and didn’t allow his background to limit him. Jephthah the rejected (Judges 11:2), later became Jephthah, the accepted (the Judge) over the same people who rejected him (Judges 12:7). Instead of Jephthah, you can replace it with your name; the same people that rejected you will celebrate you if you decide to cultivate your in-ground.

Brethren, don’t limit yourself because of your parents’ status or the frustration in your family. Instead, let that encourage you. Strive to build the type of family and background you wished you had. Be the change, you want to see in your family. Permit me repeat myself, You are not your background, rather you’re your in-ground. Arise! Shine, for those seeds of greatness, will take you far if you give them your attention.


God loves you and always want the best for you.