My dear Reader, welcome back to our series on Wealth. Last month, we discussed wealth influencers; exposure and ideas. We learned that: Your exposure will always influence your realms of possibility. Whenever you discover and develop an idea to solve any kind of problem, it will always increase your worth and wealth. This month, we will continue with our discussion on wealth influencers

God is God and will continue to be God. He has laid down some principles that can never be relinquished. He has intentionally connected our lives together. He purposively causes various situations to lead us to some people, conversely, He allows some people to come into our lives. God is sovereign, He mostly does any good thing on earth via a human being. Well, the opposite is true; human beings are the same conduit if allowed can be used as an instrument of destruction by other forces. This is the bottom-line; The earth is the dominion of humans and so in spite of who you’re or your spiritual pedigree, you definitely need a fellow human (male or female) to assist you in diverse ways.

People are the greatest asset in any group, organization, and life. Never be deceived by technology, money, background, qualification, knowledge, and surroundings. Without other humans, you can’t really survive. Hence, in order to have peace, prosperity, and to achieve your better potentials (maximize wealth), you will surely need someone. As humans, we’re always in need of something and our needs are always connected to someone. You may need an opportunity, support, a recommendation, a prayer, love, care and even just a word from someone at a given time, so as to assist you to move on to another level in your life.

Never become your own devil by always looking down on others or treating them badly just because you have something better than them. Who ever thought Joseph, the last but one son of Jacob and an Israelite, could have become the Prime Minister of Egypt? If only the brothers of Joseph knew how their lives were connected to his, they would have treated him more kindly. This reminds me of this dear quote by Solomon, “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.[i] You may have no idea of the “weight” of your good offer or gesture maybe to others.

To complement that which is already said, allow me to share just a stanza of one of my favorite songs, by Juanita Bynum:

I need you, you need me.

We’re all part of God’s body.

Stand with me, Agree with me.

We’re all a part of God’s body.

It is his will that every need be supplied.

You’re important to me,

I need you to survive

I need you to survive

You may never know the one who will be the conduit of your next miracle or the answer to your prayers and so, we encourage ourselves to treat others with care. This world is big but small enough that things that go around come, around. Your wealth is surely connected to someone.

Thanks for your time and your feedback.


[i] Proverbs 3:27 NLT