My dear Reader, welcome back to our series on wealth. The last time we learned about the mood of money. I mentioned that one of the basic things that can easily change the mood of an individual is money. Money is deprived of mouth yet it can speak a thousand words in just some few seconds. Money is hands-free yet it’s able to reach out to the heart of many people. Hence, we entreat ourselves to have a positive attitude towards money, acquire it in the right way and use it to contribute to our joy and the joy of others. Today, we will look at the first aspect of what I call, “Wealth Signal”.

Who greatly influences you? Sometimes you may be unable to rightly identify that person until something happens. This is often because, the presence of just an individual in the life of another may make a very big difference but you might only realize it after the departure or death of that individual.

Let me use this experience as an example: About ten years ago, I never respected the use of a computer mouse that much until my mouse got damaged. For some time, I needed to learn a host of keyboard shortcuts so as to enable me use my computer. That was when I realized the key role the mouse played in my use of the computer. That was just an object but it’s highly applicable in our relationship with others.

Who’s the Integral influence of your life? In the Bible, King Joash, had a very successful reign, he was very humble, God-fearing, concerned about the kingdom of God. All this was possible because he had an Integral influence in his life, who was the Priest, Jehoiada. This influence of Jehoiada lasted for several years in the life of King Joash. But right after his death, other leaders, made their way to the heart of the King and since then the King’s behavior totally changed from the good to the worse .

Here are some lessons I deduced from the story:
++ The role of some individuals in one’s life may be so huge that in his/her absence, oftentimes it becomes very difficult to get a replacement or someone who can do better.

++ In life, we always need to have some principles that we don’t negotiate on. Either than that, one may easily be swayed by others.

++ If an influence doesn’t become a part of your life but only reflects in your actions then, it might easily fade away alongside with the departure of the pivot of influence.

++ You should always be mindful of the people that surrounds you as an individual and the kind of influence they effect in your life. Sometimes you can only know if you spend time to think about them.

A signal simply gives directions on what to do next. Wealth Signals simply refer to the people in your life who play a major role in making you a better person as well as people who helps in directing you on that which is best for you. A Wealth Signal will always add value to you, make you feel better off whenever you talk or share things with him/her. A wealth signal basically engages you to do the right thing, rebukes you when necessary and is always concerned about your growth. Your wealth signal can shrink, limit or expand your potentials and capabilities.

In conclusion, once again: Who’s the Integral Influence of your life? Thus, who is your wealth signal? If the person is alive or still with you, learn as much as you can from him/her. Make sure it becomes your lifestyle. Sorry, but if the person is no longer alive or no longer close to you, then, in situations where you might need the person, you can imagine what he/she would have advised you and seek to implement them.

I dearly cherish the time spent to read this blog.

God loves and always wants the best for you