My cherished reader, I’m glad to have again in reading today’s blog. Last week, we discussed wealth signal; who is the integral influence in your life.I asked who greatly influences you? Sometimes you may be unable to rightly identify that person until something happens. The role of some individuals in one’s life may be so huge that in his/her absence, oftentimes it becomes very difficult to get a replacement or someone who can do better. Such person or people are your wealth signal. Your wealth signal can shrink, limit or expand your potentials and capabilities.

Today, we will continue with the second aspect of wealth signal

Whether consciously or unconsciously, there’s one thing very obvious about our lives; that’s we always carry an influence. Our actions and inactions may cause others to be better-off, behave averagely or be worse-off.The ability to influence others is so strong and contagious that in spite of your age, you can always influence your age-mates, those below your age, and even those ahead of you.  Simply put, influence is not a respecter of person.

For instance, while writing this blog, there was a young man sitting about 50meters away from me, he was behaving in a strange manner and that distracted me for a while. Off-course, he didn’t know his actions influenced me. That’s the interesting thing about influence: you may never know the one you’re influencing.

As we learned last week; wealth signal refer to the people who play a major role in your life. The other side of Wealth Signal refers to the people whom you play a major role in making them better as well as those whom your influence directs to have a better way of life. There are those who look up unto you, come to you for counsel and feels good to listen to you as well as be around you.

And so, who do you influence? The trick of influence is that it never stops with one person, others indirectly get influenced as well.Stephen Covey, the author of 7 habits of highly effective people, said, “In order to have influence, you have to be influenced.[i]”In our daily activities, there are a lot of things that subtly influences us and we in-turn also influence others. Since we might in most cases be unaware of those we’re influencing, we need to be mindful of our words, actions, and inactions; because our influence if positive, will contribute to the value of significance, progress, and betterment of those under our influence.

We therefore encourage one another to show love, concern, care and support to others. Also, we should be quick to listen, but slow to speak and slow to become angry[ii]. This is because it’s difficult to know those you influence, the extent (impact) of your influence, and those who you indirectly influence. And so we must be always mindful of way of life.

One of my basic goals in life is to positively influence those under my jurisdiction of influence. I don’t know about you? HAPPY NEW MONTH, AUGUST IS YET ANOTHER MONTH TO BRING OUT THE BEST OF YOU.

God loves you and always want the best for you.


[ii]James 1:19 GNB