My cherish Reader, you’re dearly welcome to our series on Wealth. Last week, we learned that you always need others (wealth influencers 2). We discussed that: People are the greatest asset in any group, organization, and life. Without other humans, you can’t really survive. This world is big but small enough that things that go around, come around. Your wealth is surely connected to someone. Today, we will continue our discussion on wealth influencers.

Have you ever heard this famous quote, “Opportunity comes but once”? Do you think it’s true? I don’t know your thoughts but I don’t agree with that. I am of the view that Opportunity comes but to the wise. In today’s discussion, I will make some clarification on the word, “wise”, especially, in regards to our context.

W  –     Wisdom

I  –     Intuitive

S  –      Strategic

     E  –     Ever – Ready

The word, “Wisdom” is very broad but today, we look at just a fraction of it. This is one of the most popular and very powerful quote by King Solomon in relation to wisdom: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting get understanding.[i] The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wisdom as the knowledge that is gained by having many experiences in life. In its simplicity, wisdom is the right application of knowledge. This basically implies that wisdom thrives on knowledge.

Being intuitive is to be discerning in order to know what to do or not to do, what may happen or not happen at a particular point in time. An intuitive person based on his/her feelings and senses is able to make a predictable judgment on whether a situation may have a positive or negative outcome. Mostly, very sensitive people are highly intuitive.

Being strategic is to find measures or means to integrate a particular situation into the overall objectives or goals of your life. For instance, there are some opportunities that may come your way, it might not look really meaningful or relevant to your life. Nonetheless, when you’re strategic, you will carefully give attention to the opportunity, think deep through it and find ways to connect it to your life. Maybe you’ve been very good at this, but I have allowed some opportunities slip through my fingers because I weren’t strategic enough.

In his book, the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John C. Maxwell, made mention of this profound quote by John Wooden (a former basketball coach), “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” This informs us that we need to be Ever-Ready so that whenever an opportunity comes our way, we can actualize it. In order to remain Ever-Ready, we need to keep learning and keep practicing in whatever area of interest.

The bottom line is this: we need to seek diverse and related knowledge, we shouldn’t allow prejudice to cloud our mindset rather we should be intuitive. Also, we need to be strategic and see how best we can connect a situation or an opportunity to the various facades of our lives. Lastly, in the absence of the needed opportunity, we should still do our possible best to prepare, thus being Ever-Ready. Note that the greatest opportunity we can ever have is the gift of life.

Wealth always needs an opportunity as its oxygen in order to survive. Hence, we need to pay heed to various opportunities that come our way. This is because opportunities give a fair overview of who others think you are, who others think you can be, who you actually are and most importantly, who God has made you. Note that not all opportunities may always be expedient for you, nevertheless, you need an opportunity, I equally need an opportunity, we all need opportunities to actualize our wealth. But let’s always bear in mind that Opportunity comes but to the wise.


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[i] Proverbs 4:7, KJV