Most Cherished Reader, welcome back to our series on Wealth. Last month, we discussed, the alliance between purpose and wealth. We learned that your worth and wealth are always attached to your purpose. Also hidden in your purpose are these three most valuable elements, Peace, Prosperity, andPower.Now, let’s give attention to this month’s topic

Let’s start with the arguments of these two different school of thoughts:

According to the educationalist, John Locke, every child is born as Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate). Every child is born with nothing within. Hence, the kind of people and things surrounding the child will potentially influence his/her personality. Thus, knowledge and ideas are gained solely through our senses.[i]

On the other hand according to René Descartes from the perspective of Innatism theory, people are born with ideas/knowledge.  He added that something that is ‘innate’ implies that it’s effectively present from birth, even though it might not reveal itself during some times, is more than likely to present itself later in life[ii].

Personally, I agree with René Descartes. In that,I have never seen any tree/ animal without its seed within itself. For example, the hen always have eggs within, mangoes always have mango seeds within. Hence, we always have something within that often directs our senses on the very things to feed on. This is how the Bible puts it, “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.[iii]”There are seeds within you, which need the right irrigation and environment to help them grow.

The point I’m driving at is this: There are always ideas and knowledge within you that gets triggered by the exposure you give it.Thus, our environment and surroundings have a large influence on the way we think. Your exposure will always influence your realms of possibility. For instance, it is easier for a child who often sees/ hears about nurses and doctors to dream of such a profession than the one who hardly sees/hears about such. Thus, inasmuch as you may have the innate desire for something, you will always need the right environment to facilitate its growth. The things/ information we’re exposed to usually ignite our inner desires and aspirations.

Ideas as defined by Business dictionary:

A thought or collection of thoughts that generate in the mind. An idea is usually generated with intent, but can also be created unintentionally. Ideas often form during brainstorming sessions or through discussions[iv].

Whenever you discover and develop an idea to solve any kind of problem, it will always increase your worth and wealth. Several ideas can be generated at every point in time. But I’ve realized the fact that not every good idea is Godly and every Godly idea needs to be timely. The right idea in the wrong context or timing will always affect its expected outcome. Do you still remember all those great ideas you had during your New Year Resolution? Creating ideas are good but they aren’t good enough without implementing them.

I personally define IDEA in this way:

I – Identifying a problem

D – Devise a plan

E – Experiment the plan

A – Apply the plan

The reason why I define and admonish this order, particularly the experimenting before the application is that during the experimentation, one can identify loopholes as well as gain some insight on the way forward or the possibility of the idea. It’s definitely good to devise a plan for an idea, it helps in developing a structure for the idea but I’m of the view that it’s prudent to experiment (test the waters). This will greatly help during the full application of the plan. I’ve personally erred in executing some ideas because it was either I missed the D&E or only the E.

Your wealth such as value, worth, money, purpose, peace, assets, and among others can be easily influenced by an idea. The exposure you have (knowledge, environment, experience, things and the kind of people you meet) will most often shape the kind of ideas you generate, which will eventually affect your wealth.

Everybody can create an idea but that which makes an idea unique are your exposure, ability to implement it and the time/environment in which it’s executed.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Next Month God willing, we will look at part two of Wealth Influencers.

HAPPY EASTER. Christ died that we may live the God-kind of life. Stay tuned next week for another blog by our seasoned writers.




[ii]Tad M. Schmaltz, Radical Cartesianism: The French Reception of Descartes, Cambridge University Press, 2002, p. 257.

[iii]Genesis 1:11, KJV