Hello Cherished reader, welcome back to our series on wealth. Last week, we learned about wealth signal: who’s the integral influence of your life?We addressed this situation: Who greatly influences you? Sometimes you may be unable to rightly identify that person until something happens. This is often because, the presence of just an individual may be so huge that in his/her absence, oftentimes, it becomes very difficult to get a replacement or someone who can do better. Such individuals are your wealth signal. They can shrink, limit or expand your potentials and capabilities. That was for the last time, today, we will move straight-away to today’s wealth series.

Wealth distractors simply refer to those things or people that prevents any individual from actualizing his or her abilities, capabilities, potentials and possessions. They are things that take our attention from the expected to the unnecessary. Wealth distractors are like the little holes in a container that prevents it from holding the needed water. Today, we will address worry, which is one of such distractors.

Worry is an ancient disease that affects the health of many different people, if not all. It’s no respecter of persons, it takes no excuse and it can also be hidden in a lot of good packages. Worry takes the burden of yesterday [past], adds up to today [present] and drain the body of energy for tomorrow [future].

Worry originates from an old English word called, “Strangle”. Strangle means to squeeze or constrict the neck of a person or animal, especially to cause death. Indeed, this tells a lot about what worry entails. According to Jim Rohn, “worry informs us that the elevator only goes one-way: down.” When we get worried particularly for over a long haul, we get choked with bitterness, anger, pain, stress and only see the negative aspect of a situation, others or ourselves.

Worry is the cardinal point that takes you from zero to zero. It often seems very meaningful; Oh yes! it is. But it becomes meaningless if instead of hatching your egg, you destroy it. Worry is the factory of different stories, if not well managed, will negatively affect your life’s trajectory [Poetic]

Now, having spoken very briefly about worry, I believe the question you may ask is that, can one entirely eradicate worry? I don’t think it can be eliminated entirely but it can be minimized. This is because as humans, the possibility to worry is always high because there is a lot that we don’t know or seek to know. Also, sometimes, life presents us unexpected news, expectations may be delayed and oftentimes certain changes in life, especially at the initial stages, can breed a lot of worries.

So, one may further ask; how do we deal with worry? I’ll suggest the following:

  1. Admit and accept your worries and fears as early as possible.
  2. Understand that change is an essential aspect of life.
  3. Sometimes you will need to take some break off the usual things. Or find different ways to reduce stress
  4. In times of worry, don’t fight it, instead seek to critically analyze the root cause of the worry, though that’s not easy, hence, try as much as you can to separate yourself from the situation and seek to ask for clarification.
  5. Bear in mind that not all worry is bad, some are meant to direct your attention whiles others are to restrain you from harm. And so, pay attention to the voice of worry.
  6. Most importantly, in times of worry, you can ask yourself this question: “Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? “- Matthew 6:27. Thus, what positive impact will you being worried, contribute to the situation?

The above list is not exhaustive though.

Worry can birth many disorders (mental, emotional, spiritual, relational etc) and when we keep worrying, we may lose the pivot of an issue. Worry does affect our worth and wealth; it can give you a wrong impression about yourself, others or situations. Hence, we need to admit and accept our worries as early as possible, understand that there are different seasons and times and depend on the word of God more in such times. Doing this, I believe will assist in handling the wealth distractor; worry.

I dearly appreciate your time with me on this wealth series. Next times, we will discuss other wealth distractors. I wish you the very best this month: HAPPY MONTH.