In the Bible, a childless couple were promised a multitude of offspring by God; this is the story of Abraham and his wife Sarah (Genesis 17, 18, 21). At the age of 90 and with a husband who was 99 years old, Sarah was assured by God that she was going to give birth to a son the following year. Like any other person will, Sarah laughed and thought that was very funny and impossible because one, she was too old, two, her menstrual cycle had ceased and three, she had no pleasure in the act that preceded conception.

By the biological criteria required for conception, Sarah, we can say didn’t even meet one of the criteria. Based on this, Sarah disqualified herself from receiving the promise of God. She believed that promise was applicable to those who met the criteria not her; Instead of focusing on the One making the promise, she focused on the criteria for conception.

By the standards of God, anything and everything is possible. He is God and doesn’t necessarily go by the standards of men or society. He can choose to work with or in contradictory to the standards of men because His ways are perfect. He chooses the foolish and weak things of this world to confound the wise and strong (1 Corinthians 1:27).

How often do we disqualify ourselves or allow people to disqualify us from being greatly used by God or from chasing our dreams? At times because of our own criteria or the society we live in, we are deemed disqualified. We/they think we are too old to accomplish certain things, too worn out to be fruitful or perhaps we/they think the desire and zeal are no longer there. We/they assume our time has ceased and our gifts are now rusty so we will rather just sit and do nothing all in the name of being disqualified.

On other occasions, we are considered disqualified because we didn’t reach a deadline that was set by ourselves or society; perhaps everyone in our family for several generations have been successful by the age of 25 years and here we are at the age of 35 years still “figuring out” what to do. No, the ship has not sailed and you are certainly not disqualified from success and greatness.

Why do we disqualify ourselves? Why do you allow family, friends and society to debar us? They are unqualified to do so!!! They don’t get to tell us what we can and cannot do or when we need to do them by; God does. You have probably analysed some time frames for yourself, internalised who you are and where you think your limits might be; don’t let those criterion disqualify you. No matter where life has taken you, regardless of your mistakes, past, age or whatever reasons you have been giving yourself, you can still achieve your dreams and God can certainly still use you to birth greatness; He will still manifest His promises concerning your life.

Sarah the following year gave birth to a son, Isaac; all her criteria and society’s standard for conception meant nothing when God spoke. Through the birth of Isaac, Abraham and Sarah indeed became the father and mother of nations. The enemy is unqualified to disqualify you, your family is unqualified and so is society; truth be told, you are equally unqualified to disqualify that which God has already qualified. God has the final say and He has qualified you for greatness.