Seated there in a corner of the bed, I kept on fidgeting, the words that he spoke blazed in my heart, surging through me like flames. Thousands of thoughts ragedthrough my mind, is everyone feeling this way, Can something like this happen just hearing a man preach? But I paused, and thought to myself that this had nothing to do with the man, but it was because of the One whose words he was speaking and whom the man walked with! The words he spoke were the very thoughts and will of God and he walked with the Holy Spirit. There it goes I got the answer! But was that all that God wanted to teach me that day? The answer is, No!

From that day on, my life never remained the same as God by His grace, continuously revealed Himself to me through reading the Bible. Of course,someone will say God works in mysterious ways, well yes, but that’s not the point I am driving at. This is the point: that God’s Word whether it is by you reading it alone or through someone teaching/preaching it to you, it is still the same and carries the same power. Power to break yokes, to break bondages, bring deliverance from addictions and to moldyou in ways you never thought possible. Lives are completely changed and God’s very power is clearly evident and transformativethroughHis Word.

The Bible in Hebrews 4:12 says that for the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edgedsword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. What a powerful verse! This means that the moment I open my Bible, or the moment I hear the Word of God being preached, the atmosphere around begins to change, deliverance is being proclaimed, and healing starts to manifest. Such an experience is very overwhelming thatmy heart can’t contain and so it spurs metoalwaysget closer to the One who created me. Why? Because His Word is quick and effective, accomplishing everything He intended for in our lives, it never returns to Him void. From the verse,I just quoted the other thing we learn is that the Word of God is able to counsel you, reveal to you the intents of your heart and your thoughts,as well asjudge between what belongs to the flesh and the Spirit. If we completely rely on the LORD and His WORD, it is obvious He will direct us in His ways.

God is infinite in wisdom, knowledge, andunderstanding, yet in all His wisdom He gave us His Love Book, the Bible, so that we may live by His Word, encounter His infinite power and presence through His Word. Do not look at the Bibleand regard it as any other book, for I can bold attest to you that the Bible transform lives; that’s my testimony and not only me but numerous people (from the Bible and all walks of life) also share the same story that the Bible is a distinctive book that transcends all ages, traditions, culture, as well as changeslives. And so, I implore you to read, study and meditate on it with the intention of having an encounter with Jesus, there you will experience His power. The Bible will rebuke you, correct you, cause changes in your life and give you a real experience of the supernatural.

Although the words inscribed in at times seem simple, never leave the Friend that God gave us, the Holy Spirit, out of the equation, because He will teach you and show you things you had no knowledge of. After all,how can the Author Himself not understand His own writing? When you sit to hear His Word in church or anywhere else God chooses, have the attitude to always receive something and your life will not be the same.

Lastly,I will conclude that God’s Word is mighty in power, infinite in wisdom, knowledge, andunderstanding. Your approach towards the Word of God will determine the results you get. If your approach is to deeply seek God Himself and learn to improve yourself, then you will have a complete turnaround in your life that will astound those around you but if you only seek to earn knowledge, you will get it and be puffed up hence you will not experience the power therein.

Ps; God willing we will continue on the same title the mighty Word of God in 3 weeks’ time. God bless you for reading.