One of the most powerful elements of life is love. “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If we were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned.” (Songs of Solomon 8:7).

Love is priceless and can’t be entirely explained. Love binds people together and creates a sense of commitment in spite of all odds. Love is that sweet perfume that draws one closer to the other. It generates energy for numerous tasks and makes the impossible possible. It dares people to stretch themselves to do exploits. Just a touch of love is able to turn things around for good.

I guess by this little introduction, you just remembered your love story or someone you dearly love. Don’t hide your smile, that’s the power of love, it can change your mood at any point in time – it gladdens the heart and gives the soul a reason to rejoice. Don’t get lost, we are talking about the love for a leader.

So far as we exist in this world, there will continually be leaders. Leaders come and go but not all leaders are the same. There are some leaders, people may simply not love. There are others no matter what they do, even though others may love them, you might not love them as such. But there is another set of leaders whom you may seem to naturally love. Regardless of all these, mostly the manner a leader relate to his/her people influences the love they have for that leader.

If you genuinely show much concern and care to those under your authority as a leader, it compels them to do likewise towards you. I believe that the more a leader gets into the heart of people, the easier it is for them to show the leader their heart. In the Bible, something interesting happened during the days of King David. He made a casual statement – it wasn’t a command, not an order, not even a request but those around him went all-out to provide what he said. In 2 Samuel 23:15, the Good News Bible reads, “David felt homesick and said, ‘how I wish someone would bring me a drink of water from the well by the gate of Bethlehem!’” And what did his soldiers do? They went all-out, risked their life and got him the water. I presume David wanted to validate the love of his people towards him. Most people often follow a leader because of his/her gifts but only a few actually love the leader. I think that was one of the moments where David wanted to affirm the category of people who surrounded him.

The truth is that when people love you as their leader, they will do anything for you. They become a great support and blessing to your leadership. They actually give you a seat or even a home in their heart. Getting to this extent with people isn’t by mere position but good rapport (relationship) and rich investment. When you contribute significantly to the life of others, they will always be there for you.

Even though we just started, I want to use this medium to appreciate the YOUCUS team members (Pamela and Rejoice), and also to Humphrey for their support and love. I’m also grateful to you for spending the time to read, give feedback and share with others. The love for a leader is something every leader needs – surely it will take time to develop it but the profit thereof far outweighs the cost. When your people love you as a leader, it makes your leadership very interesting and you achieve a lot of things with relate ease.

God loves you and always want the best for you.