Oil and sand is poured into a cup of water and stirred up or shaking over; right after the rigorous shake, you are asked to clearly identify the three components. Do you think you can easily identify them? Perhaps, the best option will be to allow it stabilize for a while. Isn’t it? By so doing, the various components become much clearer to distinguish.

One of the key things that can be revealed from the scenario explained is the impact of stability. Stillness (stability) is a means to clearly know the different aspects of an object or a thing. The knowledge of stillness is that it makes it easier to know that which would have been difficult to identify when an object is still in motion. “Be still and know that I am God”[i] There are some things that can never be known until you’re still. In the presence of many voices or options, stillness is an awesome tool which can be used to sieve the various voices. When not sure, be still. When not certain or in the right state of mind, be still.

To be still means to stop worrying about the situation; instead of talking or complaining about the situation, entrust it into God’s care. Afterwards, don’t bother about the situation; allow it to be and trust God to release the answer in due time. It also means that one needs to be calm. To be calm simply means to have a peaceful mental or emotional state. It always take such a state to sincerely know the deep thoughts within. For instance, in the coolness of the day or in a quiet environment, it is easier to know the least voice around one’s vicinity. That is the power of stillness; it helps us to noticeably recognize voices as well as to sieve them.

Stillness is indeed a powerful tool to knowledge. It generates a unique peace which speaks in a lucid language. Don’t just be in a hurry to finish praying/to tell God the matters of your heart. Instead, find some time to be still. Also, it’s not enough to run through the day doing a lot of activities without observing a time of silence. The time interval for observing silence doesn’t really matter especially at the initial stage but observing the time is very imperative. I must confess, I mostly fall short in observing silence particularly within the day but I’m still working on it. I know stillness helps us to best connect with our Maker and self. It helps us to dig deep within ourselves. The knowledge of stillness brings the hidden into the limelight and the far-fetched close.  I’m sure there are more to being calm or observing silence in situations, prayers or during the day.  The little I know is what I have shared. I will be very glad if you share yours with me so we can learn from each other. Thank you.


God loves you and always want the best for you.


[i] Psalm 46:10