When searching for the meaning of the word “care”, one is faced with many options but the one that struck me most was this definition; “feel concern/ interest or attach importance to someone or something.” Beyond the feeling and attachment of importance, I wish this definition stated the actions complementing the word. For many of us, this has been our trait. We have attached importance and the word ‘care’ to numerous people without depicting the actions that correspond. Pertaining to some people, from the onset, our words of care and actions have never coincided.

In making certain analysis, I observed oftentimes we want to gather around people when things are rosy for them; when they are bubbly and lively. It’s no problem when their mood and attitude are conducive for us and everything seems to have a smooth flow. After all, no one, well most people, don’t want to be around anyone who is down, feeling low, or perhaps has the waves of the sea raging against their life.

Truth be told, it is the people who are down and disheartened who mostly need to be surrounded. These are the people who need reassurance, motivation, support and every act of care you can ever imagine. What kind of person will you be if you only prefer to be around people during the best phases of their lives?

In the Bible, David was on the run because his life was in danger. He found himself living in caves and in the wilderness; hiding at times because he feared for his life. This did not hinder people from reaching out to him in support.  Regardless of his situation, there were those who chose to demonstrate their care in action. Some went as far as leaving their comfortable lives just to be with him in the wilderness.

Now these are the chiefs of David’s mighty men, who gave him strong support in his kingdom, together with all Israel, to make him king…” 1 Chronicles 11:10

These men who were with David actually helped him gain the rule over the entire tribes of Israel. Of course God had already ordained David to be king, however, it was manifested partly because of the strong support extended to him. When reading chapter 11 of 1 Chronicles, I was overwhelmed by the care and concern demonstrated by the men surrounding David.

It was to the extent that three men risked their lives to get him water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem. They broke through the camp of the Philistines, their enemies, just to get water!!!! And the beauty of it all was that David never asked them to. He just professed it was a longing he had, something he thirsted for and these men decided to take it upon themselves to bring it to pass.

In our everyday setting, David dares not make such a statement. We will call him selfish and unreasonable. How can we leave our comfortable lives for him and instead of appreciating it he asks for water that requires the possibility of us dying? Most of us out of rage will leave him and return to our respective homes.

How many times do we hear the desires of the people around us and choose to take it upon ourselves to pray, intercede and help out without them having to ask. Think about the joy that engulfs your heart when someone does something you really needed without you asking. Reflect on the people you say you care about and ask yourself if you can do for them what these men did for David; Ask yourself if you provide the strong support needed in fulfillment of their purpose.