My precious reader, welcome back to the series of wealth. The last time, we learned about, SECRETS OF WEALTH VI (DIVIDE YOUR INVESTMENTS), It was mentioned that: divide your investment [don’t be one-sided], invest diversely [both externally and internally], and surely you shall always have a cause to harvest the best in life.

Today, we shall look at another Secret of Wealth: have an abundance mindset.

As I began to write, I remembered my high school days, when I was thought about the definition of Economics. Lionel Charles Robbins defines economics as “the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.” From this definition, it’s undeniable; the fundamental of economics is scarcity. Hence, abundance is never an option to consider.

Also, my attention was drawn to the limits that often saps the expedition of an individual’s childhood or teenage experience. Many are socialized to believe that they cannot have much. They should only think of the little they can feed on and be content with what they have. No doubt about the second part but I have questions with the first part.

The results of abundance can vary from person to person, but the concept remains the same: you can always have more than you can think or imagine. You can always have an abundance of love, good relationship, money, health and the best of life if you believe in abundance. As revealed by Jesus, “Everything is possible for one who believes[i].”

I don’t about know how you see God, but I see Him as the God of Abundance. I believe in His WORD, that I’ll prosper in all things and be in good health even as my soul prospers[ii]. God wants us to always prosper (have an abundance) not only in some aspect of our lives but in all things. Do you believe it?

Here are some three essential steps to developing an abundance mindset:


It’s the will of God that we always have more than we can think or imagine. That’s why He always does things far more than we can imagine[iii]. Hence, to have an abundance mindset, we need to re-set our mind. Think about the best things in life. See yourself receiving the best from life and using it also to bless others.

Practice: Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in the process of imagination, and allow your mind to think freely. Add your emotions to it (feel the joy of having the imagined) and believe in God for the manifestation.


Thanksgiving is one of the quickest ways to have more of that which you already have or seek to have. As I mentioned in the SECRETS OF WEALTH IV (ATTITUDE OF THANKSGIVING); the attitude of thanksgiving sets the pace for an individual to always have a reason to be thankful; the more you thank God and people for the good things that come your way, the more often you will see many awesome things coming your way.

Practice: Make it a habit of being grateful for some specific things and observe the ripple effects.


According to research, it is believed that only 10% of the human brain is used[iv]. I don’t think we even use all this 10%. The point is, the more we focus on our strengths, the easier it is for us to imagine, innovate and explore the abundance of life. Focus on your strength because, with it, you can easily believe in the seemingly impossible. As I mentioned in the SECRETS OF WEALTH V (FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS), the science of focus is that whatever you give your focus is always likely to multiply.

Practice: Think of something unique that you can do with your strength. Don’t limit your thoughts but have the confidence that the Holy Spirit shall make available everything you need to have to execute the imagined.

People with a scarcity mindset always think they don’t have enough. But an abundance mindset believes there is an abundance of everything in life, whether it is more money, better relationships, more opportunities, more resources, better productivity, etc.

An abundance mindset focuses on progress, positivity and possibility. An abundance mindset believes that there’s always a room for improvement or a better way to achieve something. An abundance mindset will always radiate and attract wealth.

Thanks for your time. You can always share your insight with us.


God loves you and always wants the best for you.

[i] Mark 9:23 NIV

[ii] 3 John 1:2

[iii] Ephesians 3:20-21