My cherished reader, welcome back to our series on wealth. Last week, we learned about Secrets of wealth III (Give to receive). We learned that, “The ancient secret of wealth is giving. Givers never lack. Giving is proof that, what you have doesn’t own you rather you own it. You’re not blessed to hoard it, or to privately celebrate or to intentionally ignore it. Rather, you’re blessed to share and to show the glory of God.

Today, we will continue our discussion by further looking at Secrets of Wealth IV (Attitude of thanksgiving).

One of the natural desires of humans is to have more. This desire, mostly cause many to worry more about that which they don’t have, hence, they develop less care for the very things they have. There is nothing wrong with asking for more, as a matter of fact, the God we serve is a God of abundance and He always wants to give us more. And so, He teaches every individual one of the shortest ways to receive every good thing that one desires: thanksgiving or gratitude. The Bible reveals that “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.”[i] From this quote, we can realize that thanksgiving gives us the patent right to “own”, use or enjoy something. Thus, when you show appreciation for something or someone, it permits you to benefit from that person or thing.

More so, whenever you’re thankful for something, it basically shows two things: It shows that you like/love that which you have and secondly that you want or would like more of it. Thus, a thankful person cares and appreciates more about that which he/she have even as he/she seeks to have more.  This is because the attitude of thanksgiving sets the pace for an individual to always have a reason to be thankful; the more you thank God and people for the good things that come your way, the more often you will see many awesome things coming your way. Note, it might not be from the same person or thing but be rest assured, it will definitely be from the same God.

In his book, “The science of getting rich”, Wallace D. Wattles, mentioned that “The man who can sincerely thank God for the things which as yet he owns only in imagination, has real faith. He will get rich; he will cause the creation of whatsoever he wants.” The reality is that sometimes, it seems weird to thank God for the things not yet seen or even when things are going against the expected, but per my little experience, such thanksgiving hardly backfires.

I strongly believe that gratitude is an attitude that has the potential to elevate anyone to a higher altitude. What’s it that you desire to have in life? I’m sure you already have an amount of it. It may be highly insignificant but never mind, instead, develop the attitude of thanksgiving for that which you have now and seeks to have in the future. Do you feel you’re less privileged? Thank God for the little privilege you have. Are you financially down? Thank God for the little money you have. Do you feel unworthy? Search yourself, you will discover something a little worthy, thank God for it.

Any amount of wealth or abundance that you seek to attain in life, the attitude of thanksgiving, is one of the main keys to unlocking them. Be always thankful and the faithful God will ensure you have everything you need in full. Be a grateful person and your life will always be filled with great things. Never under-estimate the attitude of thanksgiving.

Thank you for reading through our blog today. Another time, we shall continue with the Secrets of Wealth.



[i] 1 Timothy 4:4, NIV.