Dear Cherished Reader, welcome back to our series on wealth. Last week we learned secrets of wealth 1: (Develop a positive mindset). We summed up that “Wealth begins with the right mindset. Developing a wealth mindset may take some time. But if you start feeding and renewing the mind with information in line with the belief of abundance and wanting to serve God and others better with your wealth, you will surely see the manifestation of it.” Today, we will continue by looking at secrets of wealth 2 (Self-Awareness)

In previous writings; THE ALLIANCE BETWEEN PURPOSE AND WEALTH, we learned that “Your worth and wealth are always attached to your purpose. Also hidden in your purpose are these three most valuable elements, “Peace, Prosperity, and Power.” Hence wealth isn’t only about money but also about knowing and living your purpose in life. The bottom-line of discovering one’s purpose is to understand and know oneself. Socrates has mentioned that “An unexamined life, isn’t worth living.” I’m of the strong belief that if you discover yourself, it will uncover you.  These connote that we need to know more about our “self.”

Self-awareness requires self-examination (taking time to become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses) (Tchiki Davis, 2019)[i].  Off course, this will not happen overnight, but the gradual observation of oneself pays off greatly. Mostly, the more you understand a concept, the more you will have it in mind or you may want to use it. This principle of life equally applies to self-awareness. Bishop Oyedepo once said, “You can’t be outstanding beyond your understanding.” Thus, the level of understanding you have about your “self”; abilities, limits, gifts, etc will influence your esteem and wealth.

Here are some helpful tips in the Journey of Self-Awareness:

  1. Observe Silence Time for yourself: Intentionally set some silence time for yourself either daily, weekly or monthly. It is very necessary to know more about your “self.” Sometimes you need to stay off the social media, stay off friends and just be still.
  2. Listen to yourself: It’s sad to say that in most cases, a lot of people, ignore the voice within. The voice within can be the voice of God and/your inner voice. In moments of silence, ask yourself some questions and pay attention to the response you get. If this activity is taken more seriously, it will help you to really understand more about your “self.” I’ve practised this and I can boldly assure you, it pays a lot of benefits.
  3. Ask others: One of the best ways to know oneself is to ask others. When people evaluate you, it helps in discovering your potentials and shortcomings. I often do this, and it has really helped me over the years.
  4. Be conscious about the demands in your life: In my YouTube channel (YOUCUS), on the topic, “What are you known for!” I mentioned that “The demand on your life speaks a lot about the supply of assistance you give to others.” Thus, what people usually ask from you tells a lot about your perceived or actual self. Pay attention to those things.
  5. Get to the Source: No one knows you best than God. He’s the Source of life; before you were formed in your Mother’s womb, God knew you[ii]. Hence, knowing God can help you be aware of your “self.”

These are just some few points; self-awareness is a journey (process), not an event. I’m still learning a lot about myself. This is because it’s very hard to succeed in life without self-awareness. Let’s take some time to know more about ourselves because our wealth and worth are largely connected to the understanding we have about our “self.”

Thanks for your time. Stay tuned for part three.





[ii] Jeremiah 1:5, NIV.