With intense attraction they bloom Bursting forth in glory with vibrancy Boldly displaying it greenness, Who would have thought this tree has gone through seasons?

  The soil, nutrient, pruning and shedding Times when all that stood standing was its trunk Neither leaves nor flowers to show forth its fruitfulness.  It withers, it shrinks

Man, just like the tree, goes through seasons. Times when all hope seem lost Nothing to show fruition Then little glimmers of spring sprout

You pursue hope Like it’s all you will ever have; Combining every effort and strength You water and nurture the dream.

Then comes summer Your commitment is now evident Full of joy and admiration Who would believe what you’ve gone through to get here?

But wait! It’s a cycle The other three seasons will be repeated Not for the same challenges and results shown forth But the concept remains unchanged

The season of achieving dreams and aspirations will definitely come, till then utilise the other three seasons. Plough the ground, give the soil some resting time, sow the seed, water and prune; watch it blossom with time. All seasons of life contribute to who we are and mould us for our destiny.  Don’t look down upon yourself; we don’t go through the same season at the same time. Whichever season you may be in right now hold your head high for your glimmer will soon burst forth.

A journey of a thousand miles will forever begin with one step.