It is possible to live this life without a purpose or vision. If you don’t know where you are going, any place becomes a destination. Hence, we are entreated to have a vision and run with it.


For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk 2:3, KJV


A vision is a present view of a future end. Thus, the ability to see beyond where you are to where you’re going. All vision begins with a conception – you have to see it first. Vision is the ability to see what could be, not only what it is. Contentment and weakness should not come in when looking at your vision.

Below are some key features of visions:

  • It’s possible to have a vision or a goal and not run with it: You must make conscious efforts to work on your vision.
  • Every vision requires time (it’s time-bound): It needs a specific duration.
  • Every vision starts as a seed: Like an artist who draws, or kids with a future goal to become someone prominent, or a farmer who seeks to farm. They all have these things in common: they have a vision embedded in them (in mind), start like a planted seed, and then work towards its growth and betterment. Your vision may start little, but with time, it will get bigger and better. Though it may tarry, wait for it for it will come to pass.
  • Your vision should be bigger than you: Thus, you should look beyond your surroundings, current resources, and project into the future. You shouldn’t allow your present occurrence to limit your vision. Rather, you must envision widely; your vision should be something that isn’t easy to achieve.
  • Vision has its downsides: Every vision will have its discouragements, challenges, but you have to build yourself up and be determined to follow through.
  • Vision should give a vivid description of what you seek to obtain: You must endeavor to capture the details of what you want to pursue in the future.
  • It requires the element of faith: It’s prudent to have a God-given vision because, without God, there is no vision. Our origin, meaning, and identity are in Him. What God has created you to become is your destiny.
  • Every vision needs a particular environment to blossom: Visions can be revealed to us through our spirits, in dreams, from our life’s experiences, accomplishments, and among others. In all, the revealed vision will often require a certain environment, and usually, God helps us to chart the course of our vision.


The purpose of a God-given vision is to direct our lives. That’s why waiting on God is very important. It’s during this waiting that we are able to discern the necessary details and equip ourselves for our vision. Also, the purpose of a God-given vision is that it sustains us. As the Bible reveals in Proverbs 29:18, “Where is no vision, the people perish.” This means your survival in this life is dependent on your vision. What’s your vision?


  1. It’s for an appointed time: To have a vision, you need to wait on God and know what He’s saying. Vision requires faith in the timing of God.
  2. Vision comes through prayer: As you communicate with God through prayers, He will assist you behold the needed vision for your life.
  3. Vision has a structure: The vision that God gives has a structure. There are in order and linked to each other. Therefore, whatever vision we have should have a structure.
  4. It demands waiting: Waiting doesn’t mean inactivity; instead, it means going through the process of equipping yourself for the future: developing your character, acquiring the related knowledge, searching for understanding and the needed resources for the assignment ahead.
  5. Have a vision that makes you independent and creative: Your vision should be distinctive.
  6. Vision needs a mentor or the guidance of a father: You will need someone who is ahead of you, fathoms your vision, and can guide you through your vision. Like Joseph in the Bible, the Father understood his vision. Hence, in our context, sometimes, before starting your own company/organization or being independent, you will need to be under-study (serve another someone).
  7. God develops our character together with our vision: Inasmuch as accomplishing your vision is of much importance to you, God also uses the same vision to develop in you the needed character.
  8. Write down your vision: The weakest pen is stronger than the sharpest memory – write down your life’s purpose, plan, the vision for your family, your finances, retirement, and expected end. When you write them down, you’re forced to think through them. Hence, it helps you to clarify your thought.

Furthermore, it’s important that those involved in a vision know about it so that collectively, you can run with it.  You can’t have a direction without a destination. As you write down your vision, you are able to capture it’s end well.

  1. Run with the vision: Keep on working towards your vision – it’s your responsibility. Understand this: Procrastination is the thief of time. Trust in God’s timing and work towards your vision. 


As you desire to become the person you envision, you must take timely steps and trust God’s timing. Patience is a key virtue of any vision – don’t rush but gather the resources that will propel you to accomplish your vision. Your vision is for an appointed time, run with it. Though, there will be challenges, run with it. As you run with your God-given vision, He will definitely supply you with all needed resources.