How Often Should Your E-Commerce Store Run a Sale?

  1. How often and why?
    • Once per quarter or 4-5 times per year.
    • It’s tempting to run sales more often because they do give you that boost of business. However, the scarcity of a sale is what makes them work so well.
  2. What happens when you run too many sales.
    • It devalues your products. It also desensitizes your customers to when you actually do have a sale on your eCommerce website.
    • It also depends on where you’re at in your business. If you are a new business, run more sales to get in front of more people. If you are a more established business, run fewer sales.
    • When you have too many sales, your customers may start to wonder if something is wrong with your product. It looks like you’re having trouble selling your product.
  3. Focus on the big sale times each year.
    • 4th quarter is the biggest sales time of the year. Think Black Friday, Christmas, etc.


How Often Should Your eCommerce Store Run a Sale?

by Moses Ameyaw | E-COMMERCE

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