One of the basic needs of humans as revealed by Absalom Maslow is the sense of belongingness. Consciously or unconsciously, we all seek to belong to others (a family, a friend, a social class etc). And when we become much attached to others, they specially become our true dear.

A dear one is someone you love, cherish, uphold and always want the best for. When something affects someone dear to you, directly or indirectly, it does affect you as well. So are the privileges and merits that come the way of a dear one. One of the key features of having a dear friend is that the person is always concern about you. When he/she gets an opportunity, he/she always makes sure that you benefit from that opportunity as well. A dear one always think of ways to improve you and make you better-off. In a nut shell, a dear one is always concerned about you.

When you are concern about someone, you will do everything within your means to protect and promote their interest. To help us fathom the basics of a dear one, let’s look at a typical example of a parent who sincerely care about their children. Even when they don’t have money or the very things their children demands, they still go to the extreme (do anything possible) just to give their children their needs. Parents make all forms of sacrifices in the best interest of their children. Practically speaking, I have seen my parents doing everything possible within their means and even beyond their means just to put smiles on our faces. I’m sure you have also received such care from a father, mother, a relative or even a friend. Please don’t take it for granted, appreciate them for their sacrifices.

If our earthly parents can show us that much care just because we are dear to them then how much more our heavenly father who art in heaven. God so much care about you, my dear. You are precious to Him. He purposively created you in His image and likeness. Your coming into this world may be unplanned, a mistake, or accidental but that doesn’t nullify the fact that God cares for you.

Using Zion as a prototype, He revealed His love towards His children. He said, “…for he who touches you, touches the apple of His (my) eye.”[i] You’re the apple of God’s eye. Yes, I mean you. You’re so dear to God that He will do everything to show you His matchless love. God is very much concerned about you: He thinks about you and often presents you with opportunities to grow and develop. As a dear one, He knows that anything that touches you directly or indirectly also touches Him. And so, He always works things to your favour by turning your pain to a great gain as well as giving you a message out of your mess.

You’re a child of God. You’re very valuable to God. He’s always with you, whispering to your ears always particularly in times of perplexity, “My Dear, I’m concerned about you.” Don’t let anything deceive you about His love for you. Is it not a great joy to know that your sense of belongingness is connected to the Maker of Heaven and Earth? Wipe your tears, my dear: Rejoice and be glad for the One to whom you’re the apple of His eyes, is so much concerned about you. He’s right there with you still speaking these few words; my dear, I’m concerned about you.


God loves you and always want the best for you.

[i] Zechariah 2:8