There are so many factors that can promote love such as communication, trust, loyalty etc. Like-mindedness is of the key factors. The free English dictionary defines like-minded as resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination. According to researchers in Boston and Kansas, whether or not a relationship develops could depend on the level of similarity the two individuals share from the beginning of their meeting[i]. In Amos 3:3, according to the Message Bible, it asks, “Do two people walk hand in hand if they aren’t going to the same place?” These means that for an agreement to exist between two or more people, they need to have certain things in common. Having many differences or disagreeing on major pillars of life such as faith and purpose can serve as a major threat to love if not well handled.

Like-mindedness doesn’t mean you will have the same attitude, qualities or will agree on everything. Rather, like-mindedness means having the mindset to work towards a specific direction, goal or purpose. Being one accord and using your differences to achieve your preferences.

Like-mindedness is a key factor of love because it promotes passion, bonds people together, it encourages people to work towards one vision and it serves as a reason to always be together. Being like-minded doesn’t make you selfish rather it helps to always live a complementary life. It promotes statements like, “Your success is my success and vice-versa,” “Your joy is my joy” etc

Like-mindedness connotes harmony. In music, singing in harmony doesn’t mean singing in unison but it is when two or more sounds of notes are heard simultaneously. Likewise in football, winning a match doesn’t mean every player should play the same position rather each player must effectively play his position to ensure the success of the team. Harmony (Like-mindedness) means to complement the efforts of others in achieving a common goal. Using what you have for the benefit of your partner or team member.

To promote love, you must have the ability to work together, interest to live together and joy to share together. These things are a product of like-mindedness. Do you see yourself with a particular person? Can you freely share any issue of interest? Do you share in the vision of the person? If not, then don’t stress yourself by initiating something that may be difficult to sustain with time. The Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:2 defines like-mindedness as someone who can make you truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with you, someone you can relate with, share the love with one mind and purpose.

The root of discovering whether you are like-minded with someone is to first discover yourself; know your purpose and interest. Being like-minded doesn’t mean there will be no conflict but it helps reduce conflicts.


God loves you and always want the best for you.