There is a man who used to tell me that when he is preaching we should test his spirit to see if what he shares with us is the total truth. Clearly, what he meant by this is that we should ascertain whether what he’s saying is right or wrong.  It’s important for us to go back to the Word of God to confirm whether what the man or woman of God is saying, is consistent with the Word of God or not. Knowing the real truth only comes from studying the scriptures. Pastors and other users of the pulpit are humans and sometimes they may say things that can’t even be found in the Word of God but because we forget to go back to God’s Word to cross-check the  various quotes and presentations,  we can be easily deceived.

Whenever someone stands in front of the pulpit we assume that whatever they say or preach is strictly the Word of God. Of course, the pulpit is meant to proclaim the unadulterated Gospel, nevertheless, since we’re humans sometimes one can be err in the delivering of a sermon. For instance, an individual may preach out of bitterness, jealousy or even personal philosophical experience. These are all possible ways that can dilute the potency of God’s Word. The bottom-line  is this: the Word doesn’t have mistakes but people make mistakes. A scripture may be mis-quoted, a verse may be mis-applied and a story or passage maybe mis-interpreted.

Acts 17:11 New International Version (NIV)

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

I was really amazed by these people, they used to check if what Paul said was true. I mean normally you would just think; it’s Paul, he knows virtually everything, he doesn’t make mistakes and he wouldn’t lie to us, but Paul was human and they knew that they had to confirm his various teachings.

One of the basic temptation in the ministration of God’s Word is that sometimes people tend to draw conclusions from their experiences and make it seem like God solely works in that way. That’s why we need to be rooted in the Word of God in order to assist us not to be forced to implement everything people say or close our minds to a specific way in which God works, as though, that’s the only way. For example, there was a day my friend asked me this question,  “Why do people make it seem like God only does last minute work?” I thought about this and I realized that it’s a common thing that people think, we try to make it look like always God will only intervene during the last hour.  Meanwhile there exist other examples which indicates that God does respond to things immediately without delay. But oftentimes because people have had the “last hour” intervention, they make it seem that’s solely God’s way of responding to things. Let’s consider these; Elijah commanded fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice and immediately God responded to that (1 Kings 18:36-38). Also, the centurion believed God for the healing of his servant and at that very moment, the servant was healed (Matthew 8:13). Of-course,there has been instances in scriptures, where God intervened during the last hour but that doesn’t imply that He’s only the God of “Last minutes”

Knowing the Word of God helps us avoid living according to other people’s drawn conclusions, it helps us to test every spirit and it helps us know who God really is for ourselves. Knowing God’s Word for yourself provides the necessary wisdom that will help shape your life well. Be a person who abides in the Word of God, meditate and let it be a part of you. We are all humans and no human can measure up to the Word of God no matter how great they are. The Word of God remains the highest power and the only truth we can trust.

Keep in remembrance this: God fashioned us differently and He who knows what will work best for you that’s why you need to know His Word for yourself.