Is your prayer time getting boring? Do you feel like worship, praise and prayer are burdens? You are not alone!!! For a long time, I struggled with this same feeling; a routine prayer was a disguise to ease the guilt. Growing up, I was very religious and got lost in the hype rather than taking the time to seek God and understand what having a relationship with Him entailed.

The way I prayed, worshiped and praised were ways which I had seen from men or women of God that were admired. I was so busy putting goals and bars for myself that I didn’t realize God uniquely made us in every single way. This means the way you pray, worship and praise are unique; you are not like anybody else. The moment you try to be like somebody else it becomes a burden for you.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  → John 8 v 31 to 32←

The reason why intimacy with God feels like a burden is because we have created a religion within the non-religion zone. The Word of God tells you that you are free [i]and that the curtain was torn into two for your good[ii] therefore you can now freely approach the Throne of God with confidence[iii]. Truthfully speaking, society can totally devoid you of experiencing such freedom. In most cases, society presents us with structured and fixed ways of serving and worshiping God.

For instance, you are told how to pray, praise and worship; virtually everything you do is scrutinized and has to be the way your pastor does it. If you move outside the mannerism in which your leaders worship, you are classified as someone with pride or one who doesn’t submit to authority. Wait, I’m not advising you to rebel against authority but rather we’re looking at how to develop personal intimacy with God.

The remedy which helped me, hence, my recommendation to you is the Word of God. Jesus said if you abide in His Word, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. I am a testimony of that freedom. The Word of God is the highest authority; no one is above the Word of God. The more you abide in and spend time with the Word of God,  the more you realize you are free to express your self in the way He made you. God’s Word will teach and assist in your prayers and worship so know His Word for yourself; there is no other special formula besides the Word of God.

Do you want to effect any manner of change? Then be assured that there’s power in the Bible readily available to assist you. People may tell you a lot of things but wisdom from the Word of God far exceeds all. The standard of others will only frustrate you because it works for them and not you but God knows you and He is always accessible to teach that which works best for you as an individual.

Don’t be somebody else. Don’t try everything that people tell you worked for them; abide in God and find out what works for your relationship, just the two of you. You will surely enjoy your relationship with God, so far as you seek to know more about Him through His Word.


[i] John 8:36

[ii] Matthew 27:51

[iii] Hebrews 4:16