We all make some mistakes at a particular point in time. These mistakes can have long term effects not only in our lives but that of others. There are some things that can be corrected easily, nonetheless, others may take a long time. There are some mistakes one may pay less for it, others are very expensive and their consequence can really jeopardize a life or even generation.

In the Bible, there was a man named Jabez. His name literally meant He will experience pain. His mother gave him that name because of the situation surrounding his birth.[i] Do you know the meaning of your name? Please do me a favor, find it out. Names are really powerful. To a large extent, a product will always function according to its name. Your name have a great influence on your behavior and even the kind of things you experience. Oh yes, I know I’m not talking about names but I just introduced this because your name is part of your background. A negative name will often have negative repercussions in your life. Now back to Jabez. At his birth, he didn’t have any control over the kind of name to be given him but later as he grew, he understood that it was his responsibility to change the possible effects of his name. He therefore took measures that helped him change his background. In our discussion today, we will consider three (3) positive ways of changing your background.

Before we look at the three (3) positive ways, I just want to inform you that I have already written on YOU ARE NOT YOUR BACKGROUND. Now let’s move on.

  • Prayer: Prayer is a powerful tool that causes significant changes. It is the master key that closes and opens doors. Prayer makes the impossible possible and it always has the potency to turn things around. Don’t get over spiritual with this. In its simplest form, prayer is a communication between mankind and the most positive person in the entire world; God. Prayer gives us the opportunity to present the positive things we expect to experience or the negative things we detest to behold to God. The flip-side of prayer is that oftentimes people spend a lot of time on the negative without communicating the positive things they seek to experience. For Jabez, he didn’t complain about his past, he just prayed about his future. What takes much of your time during prayers: The Positive or the Negative?
  • Faith: In my book, The Power of the Truth, I defined Faith as Full Assurance (in God’s word) Invoking Things (His promises) to Happen (to become a reality). Kenneth Hagin Jnr defines faith as the hand that takes the things we need from God. Thus with faith, one is able to believe in God for the seemingly impossible. One key feature of faith is works. The Bible clearly says that Faith without works is dead. That means to change our background, we must have a picture of the positive things we desire to achieve, believe in God and work towards it. Faith gives us the energy to keep going in spite of all opposition.
  • Concentrate on your in-ground: In-ground is what I use to define our purpose, potentials and abilities. I believe within the heart of everyone is a soil which contains diverse seeds of greatness. It’s our responsibility to give attention to those seeds and cultivate them. Our potentials highly contains the ability to change things around for our good. Jabez saw in himself an honorable man yet his background was competing with his seed of greatness. Never let your current situation blindfold you from your actual situation. Don’t use a temporary situation, to pass a permanent judgment on yourself. Instead always seek to groom the seed of greatness in you as well as concentrating of the positive aspect of life.

It is possible for us to change our background or history. Many people have proven it to be so. Many have risen from a horrific background to a terrific state. You and I also have the ability to change our background and add up to those special list.

You can read the story of Oprah Winfrey or watch the video of Prophet Dr. Bernard Ankomah or any other person you know was able to totally change his/her background so as to get more inspired.

God loves you and always want the best for you.

[i] 1 Chronicles 4:9-10