Dreams are one of the major means of communication between Divinity and humanity. Dreams often carry two basic information; negative (bad) or positive (good). The goal of dreams is to inform us of things that happened in the past, things likely to happen in the future and things currently happening. Dreams can help in making a decision; a typical example is that of Joseph in the New Testament. When he decided to divorce Mary privately; he had a change of mind due to the information he received in his dream[i].

There are many significant facets of dreams but today I would like to concentrate on one, which I refer to as the REALITY DREAMS. These kinds of dreams have a direct impact on the life of people. Thus, what you see in the dream takes effect immediately, just as you saw it. For example, someone may have a dream of been shot in the leg. Immediately, the person wakes up, he/she may feel the pain at the exact place of the gunshot. There are some people who may have a dream of receiving a document, numbers, and papers and when the person wakes up, he/she may find it either under their pillow or somewhere in their room. Though how strange it may seem to be, it does happen.

Oftentimes, people get very much intimidated by the negative reality dream. Even though that’s not my focus today, I must say that there is power in the Word of God and the revealed information to turn things around for one’s good.

Now, take a deep breath, we’re going to talk about the Positive Reality Dreams. Mostly, there is the erroneous perception that positive dreams take a long time to manifest. That’s not true. Having this wrong mindset is what often delays its manifestation. Today, I want us to change our mind on that. Have you not experience such a dream or heard of anyone who had a positive dream which took effect immediately? Let me tell you one of such dreams from a very reliable source.

There was a very noble man whose father conquered many territories and entrusted his kingdom into his care. One day, this nobleman had a dream; in the dream, he was presented with a blank and free cheque offer. This man signed for just one thing. The Drawee (literally the bank that pays the amount of money that is written on a cheque) was glad on the decision of this man and so He immediately fulfilled his request even more than requested. Don’t get lost. I’m referring to the story of King Solomon when he asked God, in a dream, for wisdom (an understanding heart)[ii]. When Solomon woke up, he did an amazing thing. “Then Solomon awoke, and indeed it had been a dream. And he came to Jerusalem and stood before the ark of the covenant of the LORD, offered up burnt offerings, offered peace offerings, and made a feast for all his servants. 1 Kings 3:15.

What do you do when you have good dreams? Do you just brush it off? Well, I must confess that I have erred most often in my response to good dreams maybe you are far better, that’s good, keep it up. On the other hand, today, we are encouraging ourselves to celebrate positive/good dreams. Is it not astounding that the wisdom of Solomon was given him in a dream? There are a lot of things God gives us in dreams but our reception influences its manifestation. Choose today to celebrate positive/good dreams. Doing that is a sign that you appreciate the offer given to you. It’s an act of faith that helps us to fully possess that which was revealed. Celebrating positive dreams simply means that you officially accept and appreciate that which was given to you. It also means you have given it the permission to fully operate in your life.

King Solomon gave an offering to the LORD and made a feast. I don’t know about you. But here are some suggestions; you can give an offering, appreciate God greatly for the revealed information, envision yourself in the revealed information and let the joy freely circulate within you. You can also buy or make something special for yourself or others. The point I’m driving home is this, do anything that will make you happy, particularly on that day.

Instead of subscribing to the negative perception that the manifestation of good dreams take a long time or don’t even manifest at all, choose to celebrate your good dreams. And you will surely see the difference it will make in your life.

God loves you and always want the best for you.

[i] Matthew 1:18-24

[ii] 1 Kings 2:5 – 15