Painted in the mind of a child is a world full of possibilities, opportunities and a platform on which all his/her dreams will come true one day. Looking back when I was a child, all I wanted to be and do was all laid down, nothing seemed impossible or unattainable. Going back through the memory lane, I can still picture myself one day looking through a magazine, with my eyes filled with awe of what I had seen; I asked: “Mummy is it possible for me to own such a house?”

She looked at me with her lips curved with a smile and said, “Of course Rejoice, nothing will be unattainable as long as you put your mind to it and work for it!”

Yes of course there are some goals I set as a child that I ended up dropping because they didn’t contain maturity, but there are some that have shaped me to be the woman I am today and I am sure they will still carry me to be the woman I want to be and will be. With the passing of time, ideas and goals are shaped into God’s will for you, which is the incubator of all the greatness embedded in you yet to manifest into the world. Whoever you are to be or will be, has already been placed in you by God, there are those dreams you had as a child, that person you dreamingly picture yourself in the future and that passion that burns as bright unquenchable flames in you.

Although at times it might seem impossible to be that passion you have, become the woman/ man you picture or for that dream to come true, the key is to start with just a step. Most often the first step is the most challenging because it places a sacrificial demand that we cannot readily offer, which is a simple, let go. Some may ask letting go of what? Summarizing everything without going into details, it is just letting go of our comfort zone, which might be a particular place, country, friends or habits; whatever it is, the requirement is to let go. Letting go helps us release the old and embrace the new and until you let go you will never know what the new holds. Often times, the fear of the unknown is what holds us back but we have a Father who knows the unknown and goes before us, who promised to be with us always (Joshua 1:5). Therefore we should never be intimidated by the unknown future when the One who knows all things, has all things and is sovereign over all things is with us. Therefore if God is with us, we will rise and be who we are called, who we want to be and the best version of who we are!

Of course, the journey is not a walk in the park, it’s not all rosy as they paint it in movies but it is worth it all. Will it require commitment? Certainly! Without a doubt, there will be days where you want to give it all up, there are times the going will get tough but never settle for mediocrity. Be determined never to stop until you become all you were meant to be. Be adamant to always pursue the original version of who God made you to be. You may be denied, delayed but most certainly you will reach the destination for with God all things are possible (Luke 1:37).

Romans 8:20 says, “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed”. As Christians, we are marked out for excellence, born to shine, conquer, dominate and destined for greatness. The world waits for our manifestation; we are the change we want to see in the world.

Until we have made an impact in our spheres of influence then we have merely existed not lived. Therefore never give up who you are, who you are called to be and who you want to be until you have made a mark that history itself cannot erase. It is possible, just move out of your comfort zone and once you do, never look back and never give up!