We find ourselves in an informative world. They are several mediums by which people obtain and exchange information. As I sat to write, I remembered some intriguing commercial about a mobile network, where an individual has to strategically position himself and even risk his life before getting a good network coverage.  It is very frustrating when you need to get to someone urgently but your call doesn’t go through due to poor network or the person’s refusal to respond. Hmm, it seems almost always that this unfortunate experience often happens between ourselves and loved ones.

In the midst of such a world, God makes a profound statement, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3. This scripture reveals four basic things.

God’s Availability; Call – to – me: This Phrase is not bound by time, location or personality. It is an assured 24/7 service of God being available for anyone. It is an open phrase assuring us access to the Divine Network of God. In a number of scriptures, God reminds us of His ever-present assistance. He even lays more emphasis during times of perplexity. [i]

Man’s Responsibility; Call – to – me: I remember the days of my tertiary education, I was short of money and instead of calling my father, I presumed he should realize it’s been a while since he sent me money. And so, I was waiting to hear from him. Well, you guessed right, he didn’t call me until I called him. Call – to – me is a dual phrase. Even though God knows our needs, He expects us to call Him. Don’t live under the tent of assumption, present your petitions to God. He’s always available waiting to hear from you.

No missed call; I – will – answer – you: Is it not interesting to be promised by a loved one that your calls will always be given preference and attention? That’s the promise of the Creator, God. He’s never too busy to ignore your calls. Nod your head and give praise to the Most High God. No words spoken to God have gone wasted. He hears everything and He responds to them all.

However, the main challenge God faces in answering our calls is the problem of man’s unavailability. It’s either we use all our calling time talking about our issues or we seem busy to listen to Him. Sometimes we have poor reception (Our character or perception) and so we don’t recognize Him when He speaks.

Does more than we ask; Show – you – great – and – mighty – things – that – you – do not – know: Aww, what a loving Father, we have! His love is so deep to the extent that He supplies more than we desire. Back to my father’s story, when I called, He gave me money more than I asked him. And that really helped me fathom and appreciate the love of God better. God knows more than we think we know. He cares more than we think we care.

What are the petitions of your heart, today, I present to you the services of the “Great I am”; He loves you and is waiting for your call. Call on Him and He will show you great and mighty things that you do not know. Just spend some few moments to whisper something into His ears. He can’t wait to hear from you.

God loves you and always want the best for you.

  Further Readings (Psalm 34:19; 50:15; 86:7)