Dear God, I stand at your door and knock. Yesterday, I even went to the tip of the mountain to talk. Pardon me, are you around so we chat?

Then, I heard someone open the day, I sighed and spoke in the terrain of my mind; at least, today, I’ve got an opportunity to meet someone.

Hi Precious One.  I’m His messenger, what’s up?

Thank you, sir, for your greetings even gladdens my heart. Firstly, I’ll start with the Psalms.  My head is in desperate need of the Master’s Oil. The oil that makes me useful despite the soil. I see many people and wonder when my cup will fill up not to talk about running over.

This leads me to the genesis of my supplication: I learnt in the beginning, there was a unique person who hovered around the universe and caused many changes. I’m a citizen of His Kingdom, yet, I see no difference in my life.

What’s more, recently, I knew a man who couldn’t even walk well but with a wind from another man, he now runs with the speed of Elijah. He’s doing good not just locally, but everywhere he goes.

Mr. messenger, this and many have left me frustrated in a tube that only you can get me out. I want to reach out to the Master via Telegram; can you help me? Or can you download any info from the Maker for me?

He smiled and said, precious one, I don’t want to kill your vibe, but this is not new to the son. As you know from the Manual, there’s nothing new under the sun. Just be still, and you will know…

The magnet to the Master’s attention is not only about what you or others need, but it’s also about meeting His needs. Also, in a large house, there are many vessels; none is the same, though each has a similar aim.

Your heart was anointed with oil when you gave the Son a place to dwell. You have it, and if you direct the elements of your mind, you will realize, all you need is already within.

Of course, you will need some wind, extended hands and hearts from others but, you first need to discover that you’re an iron. It’s a vital step to being sharpened by another iron.

The Master calmly passed by and said: Now, you’re available, but you also need to be accessible and usable. Share your current oil with others, update your Human Operating System and bear in mind, your assignment is different.

With a distinctive breeze all over my body, I dearly expressed my profound gratitude to them.

The Eyes of my understanding was opened: I’ve got the anointing, I must use the anointing, and I’ll attract other needed anointing. I decided to walk in the manifestation of the received revelation, despite any possible opposition.

As I share these moments with you, remember to link in with others. Together, we can share in the fellowship of the Anointing.

Thank you.

God loves you and always wants the best for you.