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Here at YOUCUS, it is our belief that change begins with an individual. You are the focus in life. We seek to inspire you to mine and refine the “gold” in you. That’s to uncover the special you. We are committed to creating a Chain of Change that will make our families, communities, nations and the world better in the process.


YOUCUS is a non-profit organization founded by Moses A. Ameyaw and it’s dedicated to inspiring people to bring out the best in them; to meet challenges with courage, creativity and never relinquish their God-given dreams.  I am an Elder of the Church Of Pentecost, have served in various leadership positions and also have the passion for inspiring people to action. I’m an author and educator. Inspiring people of all ages through the art and gift of teaching. YOUCUS is made up of a formidable team who are gifted in diverse ways and seeks the best interest of others.

We believe that change begins with an individual. You are the focus. YOUCUS is committed to helping you mine and refine the gold within you. We seek to do this through diverse means of inspiration. We exist to assist you to produce a higher and better expression of yourself.

Whether it is through conferences, curriculum or other events, YOUCUS seeks to encourage and empower personnel in all walks of life. Our Vision is to ensure a chain of change by focusing on the individual. To inspire YOU to live beyond both your internal and external confines and to bring out the best in you.


Stay tuned for our weekly Youcus podcast posts on Mondays.

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Stay tuned for our weekly Youcus podcast posts on Mondays.

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