Before He does anything in the life of others, He finds a unique way to communicate with others. I’m talking about the Great God. He is very transparent and cares much about His people that He hides nothing from them. God in diverse ways always reveals what is about to happen next in our lives to us. It’s always up to us to be extra vigilant.

The last chapter of the Old Testament is a clear indication of how caring God is concerning His people. He revealed His intention that before the dreadful day, He will send Elijah, the Prophet.[i] Before tomorrow, God sends us today and before today, He sent us yesterday. He will always send someone whom we will need for every stage of our lives. Someone to help us or prepare us for something that is ahead of us. People never come into our lives mistakenly. Be assured of this, your steps are always ordered by the LORD.

There is always a messenger in our lives, whose assignment is to direct our steps to a particular direction. There may be minor messengers with minor information or assistance. But at a major transition of our lives, God always send us major messengers. Most at times you will only know after a period of time. God purposely sent John the Baptist, the promised Elijah, to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. There are some messengers that God brings in our lives so as to psyche us for the future.

Messengers in this context simply refers to helpers. Some messengers can be permanent (will always be part of your life) while others are temporal or time bound. The temptation of messengers who come into in our lives is that often we get used to them and don’t want to allow them go. I don’t mean totally ignore them but sometimes their role in our lives can be a little passive or occasionally active.

Messengers will come and go but the greatest and very lasting messenger any one can have is the Holy Spirit. Even as we approach the end of the year, it’s my prayer that God through diverse means will help you identify the various messengers in your life. May the upcoming year be filled with messengers who will be a positive catalyst of growth to you.

God loves you and always want the best for you

[i] Malachi 4:5